Web Mail

Web Mail services are included FREE of charge with your Ace Net dial up Internet service or your Ace High-speed high-speed Internet service. Now you can effectively monitor and manage your email messages, including spam, from your computer or any computer with an Internet connection.

Ace Web Mail:

  • is accessible at https://mail.acegroup.cc/webmail/
  • enables you to access your Ace email from any computer with an Internet connection
  • has similar functionality of other common email programs
  • has improved spell checking, email formatting, and file attachment
  • allows you to manage your spam filter settings and spam messages in your spam folder

Note: In order to save changes to your web mail setting, you need a strong password of 8-10 characters and at least 1 number.

Creating Strong Passwords PDF
Change Your Password in Ace Web mail PDF

If you change your password, you also need to update your password for your email client. Click on your email client listed below: