Ace Assurance

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Surprises can be fun. Or not. When it’s your phone, television or internet service, you’d rather not be surprised with a service charge to figure out why you can’t get connected. With Ace Assurance, you make one call and we’re on our way to finding the problem. It’s always Ace’s responsibility to fix problems that exist in our equipment beyond where our lines physically connect to the service wires inside your home. But if the problem is within your home, you are charged $60 for a service call.

With our Ace Assurance plan, you won’t have to worry where the problem is, just call! We’ll diagnose the problem and offer a solution, all for a low monthly fee that’s added to your bill.  Call Customer Service to learn more!

Note: The telephone equipment you own and any self-installed wiring that is not approved telephone wiring are not covered by this service. Phone service must be working before Ace Assurance coverage begins.)

Monthly charge – $1.95 per service (phone, Internet, Digital TV)